[LMB] OT: Re: gmail shenanigans

Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Mon Oct 1 21:21:13 BST 2018

At 04:01 PM 10/1/2018 Marc Wilson wrote:
>On Sun, 30 Sep 2018 21:35:36 -0600, Zan Lynx <zlynx at acm.org> 
> >> I've had POP providers where any messages older than 30 
> days were deleted by provider policy.

How many years ago?

>>In fact they must do this and it's one of the reasons IMAP is 

No. "I like it better" is still not the same as "it is 
superior". You have every right to say it is superior for *your* 
purposes. You haven't presented a case for it being superior in 
general though.

>If they "must" do this, I know of at least a dozen ISPs 
>breaking the standard.

I know of far more than a dozen. In reality, there are few 
commercial providers who do anything like that. Most providers 
have a limit on how much you can leave on the server, not on how 
long, and that limit applies whether you're using POP, IMAP, 
Exchange, or a webmail interface. The limit on how much is 
typically multiple GB at this point. If you reach your limit, 
the provider will typically start bouncing your new messages 
rather than deleting your old ones. Some providers will also 
dump your messages if you fail to log in for an extended period 
of time. (Usually much longer than 30 days but I think I've 
heard of it happening after 60 days of non-access.)

If you're using a private server rather than a commercial 
provider, all bets are off on what they might do. Most people 
use commercial providers for their personal mail though.

There will always be a few atypical providers around but telling 
people on they should do things based on what experience with an 
obscure provider they're not using, or on something that happen 
years ago that is not happening currently, makes no sense.

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm 

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