[LMB] The Tixie catches up on business

mieke mvanspanje at home.nl
Tue Oct 2 13:37:46 BST 2018

Hello september Tixie,
Sorry I am a bit late, because of the birthday celebrations and the trip 
to Barrayar.
Thank you for the wonderful trip you organised for my birthday. I always 
enjoy ancient cities. So this was a treat.
And: I met T H E  Gregor.....

Op 27-9-2018 om 3:48 schreef Eric Oppen:
> The Tixie rushes in, flustered.  "Apologies if I missed this, but yesterday
> was the anniversary of the birth of our fellow listie Elizabeth Holden, in
> 1952.  I fell asleep for a nap and didn't wake up till next morning.  And,
> today, we celebrate the birthday in 1950 of Mieke, another listie.
> "Both of you, for your birthday treat, will get to tour the exotic,
> colorful Caravanserai district of Vorbarr Sultana.  There are many points
> of historical interest, as well as a lot of interesting shops. and bakeries
> and food stores featuring traditional Barrayaran delicacies, as well as the
> finest galactic cuisine.  Afterwards, you are requested and required to
> join His Imperial Majesty and His Consort for dinner at the Imperial
> residence.  Formal dress will be provided; tiaras are optional."
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