[LMB] OT: Writing Who You Are?

Jason Long sturmvogel66 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 19:57:35 BST 2018

The key seems to be ethnicity and sexual orientation, not gender, from what
I gather.

On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 2:54 PM Carol Botteron <cjbotteron at gmail.com> wrote:

> A friend talked with an agent about a novel she is writing.  The writer is
> not of Asian ancestry, but her main character is, because the character's
> back story includes something useful for the plot.
> The agent insisted that the writer must change the character to the
> writer's own ethnicity.  Writer and I do not think this is necessary.
> Writer treats the character respectfully and has many Asian friends and
> colleagues.
> What do you think?  Would this agent tell Lois not to write a short male
> character?
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