[LMB] Tales of legends and mysteries with the Birthday Tixie

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 6 09:03:01 BST 2018

Another evening around the campfire at Lake Serena on beautiful Sergyar, and we’ve spend the day sifting through some of the flora and 
fauna of the shallows. It’s nice to be all dry and toasty! Alison Hendon, the lucky birthday girl of October 6, stepped on what she thought 
was a stick, but it turned out to be a sword. Our guide for today says, “Oh, sometimes we have King Arthur re-enactors come out to the 
lake to stage mock battles. May I see the sword? Ah, yes, see here? Rex Varssen (no, not Vorsen, no relation). He makes those things 
out of iron from here on Sergyar, and he’s got dozens of them. I’m sure he’ll let you keep it.”


So, around our campfire tonight, the conversation wends its way around legends throughout the universe, when a mysterious intern in a 
black hoodie begins to tell us the story of the triple-horned hexapod of Gridgrad – an animal mostly sighted by drunks and known 
comedians, but who knows? It could be a true story! So, Alison, you’ve scored a sword, and also the honor of naming one of Sergyar’s 
most famous cryptozooids! 


Hope you have a wonderful day! 


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