[LMB] Politics??? Or the nature of reality?

WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Mon Oct 8 03:34:11 BST 2018

I wonder what the consensus of the list is concerning reality. I heard a lot these days about his truth or her truth or my/your truth. Not so much about the truth. 
Plato’s allegory of the cave said that we can never completely know reality as we only see shadows on the wall of the cave. (Blame Integrating Seminar 1 - undergraduate work toward a BS in Math, it included a study of the Timaeus) However, Plato never said that there was no reality, no single truth. 
I like speculative fiction (well duh, considering the nature of the list). But I do not confuse fiction with reality. Reality doesn’t care what you believe. 
But, with what I’ve been reading, I’m no longer dude about other people. I believe this list is more intelligent than most random groups. What do you think?

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