[LMB] Politics??? Or the nature of reality?

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Scientific truths change but are not overthrown. Just because it breaks down at the quantum level Newton’s laws still work on the macro level. 

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>> I wonder what the consensus of the list is concerning reality. I heard a
>> lot these days about his truth or her truth or my/your truth. Not so much
>> about the truth.
> I think it would depend on what sort of truths you are talking about. If we
> are looking at basic scientific processes, there are certainly things that
> are well-described enough that I think we can take them as truth for now
> until new data comes along. (I am very comfortable accepting something as
> truth for now and changing my understanding tomorrow if new data demands
> it, though I understand that some people want to be comfortable that a
> certain thing will be truth *forever*.)
> When it comes to the reality of someone's experience, that gets much
> trickier because A) experiences are filtered through our own
> emotions/understanding/history and B) memory is much more malleable than
> we'd like to believe and the things that we remember as "true" are probably
> not perfectly true.
> That being said, I don't think I believe in relative morality. I rather
> like Sam Harris's suggestion that whatever leads to the greatest human
> flourishing and the least suffering must be the most moral.
> My husband and I had an interesting coffee talk yesterday morning about
> animal consciousness versus human consciousness and how it actually takes a
> surprising amount of effort to be consistently conscious of the people
> around you as individuals living their own life and having their own
> experience rather than just objects contributing to your own experience
> (e.g. that nincompoop who just cut me off in traffic). But that ability to
> compassionately see others as doing their best to live their own lives
> seems very central to our humanity.
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