[LMB] Jobs For Simon

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 22:52:09 BST 2018

If we're to believe the epilogue of Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, ImpSec
did indeed let both Alys and Simon off-planet to visit Beta.  Which
suggests that the anti-Betan paranoia has died down somewhat, since no one
seems to think that they were being reprogrammed during their sexy
adventures,  Honored-Matres-style.

In all seriousness, Illyan could probably be most useful by finding a way
to exploit the terror he still induces in Barrayarans.  He makes people
more nervous than even an Imperial Auditor.  I'm thinking something like
Remington Steele - he's not actually the investigator, he just pretends to
be, and everyone watches him instead of the real investigators.  Then he
presides over the dramatic reveal and has the baddies quaking in their
boots.  But instead of all the crushing responsibility being in his lap, he
only has to worry about his acting - and he could probably offer a lot of
suggestions to the investigators as well.

It IS a bit like his old job, I suppose.

Matt G.

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