[LMB] Discoveries

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 23:00:22 BST 2018

No one predicted the Information Revolution.  No one.  And hardly anyone
realized that the 'Space Age' was entirely pointless and would come to

The real game changers aren't foreseen, and generally come about by
accident rather than intentional search.  There are some exceptions - the
idea of vaccination was very carefully thought out and searched for,
ferex.  But most technological breakthroughs come from chance insights and

Probably the most game-changing thing I can imagine is true AI - computer
systems capable of self-directed creativity and modification.  Uploading of
human minds may or may not be involved.  That would irreversibly alter
every attempted prediction ever made for the future, and would probably
result in a 'Singularity' - not because runaway intelligence is possible,
but simply because electronics operate so much faster than biological

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