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Oh, yes, indeed! We all know who at least some of them are, too. But I have a friend who spouts such words while sitting comfortably in someone's living room watching Game of Thrones, who would be shocked out of her mind to see the cops breaking down her door! Or even giving her a dirty look, which sometimes in traffic I think might happen. Now, that's inflation.

Likewise, there are people writing letters to our local paper who are totally sure that a tired old New Dealer like Bernie Sanders is going to lead us straight down Venezuela's road.

Kids... define your terms and reality check them, please?
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I would say it's obviously true that 'fascist' is sometimes misused, as
are 'socialist' and 'neoliberal'.  That said, there are a lot of
vigorous fascist or fascist-like movements in world politics today,
combining racism, personality cult, nationalism, and authoritarianism;
many of them control national governments as we speak.

-xx- Damien X-)
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