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Thu Oct 11 15:38:44 BST 2018

When I disparaged solar electrical power generation schemes for 
>>  solar generators 
> > to replace coal-and-related heat/steam powered generators. 
Damien Sullivan responded:
> That's not true at all. 
He and I should no doubt take any engineering calculations
regarding the question off list. I note Damien is almost as
dismissive of manned space projects as I am of solar.  
So, no giant fission piles in low Earth orbit a al
"Blowups Happen" for DS. Okay!  Agreement! 
To return to the roots of the thread I'd note that practical
solar electrical power generation schemes offer a wealth of
unobtanium targets. (Aside from PV cells)  Super-conducting 
transmission lines to replace copper and aluminum.  New 
transformers to boost low voltage generating points to high 
voltage usage points. New storage systems to "hold" power 
from summer to winter, clear skies to cloudy, and daytime to 
night.  Perhaps the most challenging presently unobtainable 
target is a entirely new system of global governance and 
marketing to allocate power (of the electrictal variety, nominally) 
from  Australia to England and over like distances, summer
to winter and day to night, to match half-a-globe's
insolation to a majority demand on the other side of that
globe. Whether on super-conducting lines or pipelines of
go-juice for electrical fuel cells, and assuming merely an 
Exxon-like body (rather than a fascist-like super state)
to undertake the mission,  it's boggling.

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