[LMB] Skippy's List in the Vorkosiverse?

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18 Don't try to win a staring contest with Zap the Cat, her offspring, or Simon Illyan.
19 If Lord Mike's Vorkosigan can't get red bean stew off the menu, you don't have a chance.
20 Fast-penta is not a recreational drug.

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  On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 12:09 AM, baur baur<baur at chello.at> wrote:   15.a. - same goes for Caligula (blue cover edition), especially with some of the more racier sets of the town clowns .. 

17. do not play "light flyer chicken" with Count Vorkosigan - or Lord Vorkosigan .. they both loose their sanity completely the moment they sit down in a light flier control seat - and they are better pilots than you to boot 



> Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> hat am 12. Oktober 2018 um 06:35 geschrieben:
> I was thinking about what Specialist Skippy Schwartz would be like in the
> Vorkosiverse, and came up with a few ideas:
> 1.  Playing or singing "Send In the Clowns" when the Cetagandan Ghem arrive
> is no longer allowed.
> 2.  Same, as above, for pointed references to Bozo, John Wayne Gacy or
> clowns in general.
> 3.  And while we're at it, mentioning Tammy Faye Bakker, the rock group
> KISS, or any other makeup-heavy group is not appropriate.
> 4. When doing the "mirror dance," beginning to undress is inappropriate
> behavior.
> 5. When on Komarr, I am to remember that it is not Camorr, and not ask
> about meeting Capa Barsavi and the Right People.
> 6.  When on Kibou-Daini, I am not to pointedly play the song "Ice Ice Baby."
> 7.  A Kibou-Daini native does not appreciate being called "Frosty the
> Snowman."
> 8.  Mentioning oatmeal and blue cheese dressing around Count or Countess
> Vorkosigan is...unwise.
> 9.  Discussing Vordarian's Rebellion is acceptable behavior.  Commenting
> that "he got himself cut off short and lost his head over a political
> argument" is not funny.  Even if it does send Countess Vorkosigan into fits
> of the giggles.
> 10.  When welcoming in members of the highest ruling class on Cetaganda,
> playing "There'll Be a Haut Time in the Old Town Tonight" is not
> appropriate.
> 11.  Same, as above, for "Hair" (from the musical with the same name).
> 12.  Before I congratulate myself on getting a wonderful bargain from a
> Jacksonian (or Mark Vorkosigan) I should count my fingers.  And my toes.
> And my relatives.
> 13.  "Zombie walks" aboard Kline Station are inadvisable.  They make the
> compulsive hand-washers go absolutely insane.
> 14.  Going to see the horse races is all right.  Getting into "a few
> friendly bets, to keep things interesting" with the older Vor Lords is not
> wise.
> 15.  Showing people the TV show *I, Claudius* is not wise.  The common
> people find it shocking, and the Vor are busily noting down all those
> wonderful ideas.
> 16. * Never think you've outsmarted or outmaneuvered Miles Vorkosigan!!!*
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