[LMB] Skippy's List in the Vorkosiverse?

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Fri Oct 12 19:58:15 BST 2018

21. Don't give Kafka's THE TRIAL to Duv Galeni--he'll think it's a
historical document, and Simon Illyan will have it classified. 
22. Don't let Gregor watch MAYERLING (features suicide by a Crown Prince). 
23. Don't let people read Discworld books, everyone will be puzzled that
Granny Weatherwax doesn't have a hut with chicken legs. 
24. Don't give Ivan a copy of Casanova's memoirs, he's a happily married
man, and it would only inspire him to write his own recollections. Tej would
pout. And then write her own. 
25. By Vorrutyer may not bring an inflatable sheep, or a real one, either,
as his date to the next Emperor's Ball. Not even if she's really popular. 

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net
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