[LMB] [OT] AKICOTL: metal cutting

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 13 01:24:56 BST 2018

Rachel <anglerfish at gmail.com> wrote:
> From: Joel Polowin <jpolowin at hotmail.com>
>> I did exactly this stuff a few months ago, with an even finer bit of
>> stainless-steel tubing -- cutting off the sharp end of a hypodermic
>> needle so that I could use it with a syringe as a water-squirter to
>> discourage our cat from some bad behaviour...
>> Any serious crafting hobbyist is likely to have the rotary tool; a
>> "maker space" might as well, if there's one near you.  A jeweler would
>> probably have the tool and the tiny files; ditto someone who crafts
>> jewelry as a hobby -- your local SCA group (if you have one)
>> may have such a one.
> Ooh, that's good too. Thanks! It's a Fischer's suction tool, so certainly
> in a similar category to a hypodermic needle.

Hmm.  There's a complex crafting project that's been sitting in my
to-do list for several years.  It requires a thin-but-sturdy wire/rod,
about the same gauge as a T-pin, inside a thin straight tube, both
stainless steel.  One of the barriers to getting moving on the project
has been finding items that meet these requirements.  My sweetie,
who's a neurologist, suggested looking at spinal needles.  I haven't
yet gotten around to figuring out how to ask the manufacturers of
such things about their product specs, for hobby purposes, without
sounding like someone with some very unpleasant hobbies.  One of the
barriers to my getting on with that is that I'm somewhat dubious that
that device will meet my needs.

If the Fisher's suction tool is a straight tube, it might be what I'm
looking for.  Can you please tell me a bit more about it?  I'm not
seeing anything matching your description when I do a Google search
for "Fischer's suction tool".

I know that stainless-steel T-pins exist, though I haven't found
a local source.  I tried buying some on-line, but they turned out
to be regular plated T-pins.  (Test: deeply nick the surface,
then put between two sheets of toilet paper in a small dish.
Thoroughly wet with water, but don't immerse; it's important that
the setup have plenty of oxygen.  If the pin is just plated, it will
rust rapidly where it's nicked, staining the paper in less than
an hour.  Real stainless won't change visibly.)  I spent perhaps
more time than I should have in reporting the seller to the site,
then disputing their claims that "No, really, it was stainless when
we sold it!  And why did you nick the surface, that's why it rusted!
And stainless is supposed to do that!"  But eventually I got my refund
and the seller had to remove that item from the site.


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