[LMB] [OT] AKICOTL: metal cutting

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 03:48:47 BST 2018

> From: Joel Polowin
> If the Fisher's suction tool is a straight tube, it might be what I'm
> looking for.  Can you please tell me a bit more about it?  I'm not
> seeing anything matching your description when I do a Google search
> for "Fischer's suction tool".

Ahh, that's because I misspoke. It's a Frazier suction tool (
https://www.premusa.com/product/instruments/frazier-suction-tubes/). It is
not straight, but the piece that I chop off the end will be. How long do
you need it to be? They come in a couple of gauges. I think we generally
use the 2mm and 2.67mm. If I have success cutting the end off of one, I can
mail you the discarded end if you think it would be useful for you.
Probably 3-4".

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