[LMB] Back at Lake Serena with the Birthday Tixie!

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 13 07:43:40 BST 2018

Saturday the 13th! We are back at Lake Serena to enjoy one of the last gorgeous days before frost falls and ice begins to form on the lake. 
When that happens, our professor-for-the-day has told us that many of the fish we are seeing today disappear – to the depths, or into the 
mud. The sun is shining, and the Sergyaran forests are starting to turn colors that our Earth-eyes aren’t entirely accustomed to – they 
reflect prettily on the still lake, and our crystal boats float gently in the shallows. 


Back on land, huddled up on the porch, we enjoy warm and invigorating beverages, as Ma Penney sets out plates of little snacks. One of 
the boat wranglers is telling us a tall-tale about the great lake monster on one of the neighboring lakes. “It’s covered in a reddish fur, and its 
powerful beak is as big as a lightflyer canopy! I wanted to take a picture, but my wristcom fell in the water, and for all I know, it’s still down 
there on the lake bottom, recording video!” 


Ginnilee Berger, as our birthday girl, it falls to you to name this large cryptozoological wonder, if you so choose! Perhaps, just perhaps, you 
get a glimpse of it as the sun sets and leaves our lake a black mirror to the stars. May you have a wonderful day! 


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