[LMB] OT: Labels

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 14 11:07:21 BST 2018

I've become more concerned with how groups function than what they
claim to support.

All extremist groups - political, religious, economic or other - are determined
to enforce their views on non-believers. Anyone who doesn't align with their
particular views has no right to respect or consideration because they are so
totally wrong.

Enforcement varies from one society to another, it ranges from bullying to
media campaigns to death threats to death. But it is always carried out with
maximum venom, no empathy, and absolutely no attempt to understand or
even communicate with the victim.

In relatively few years the political scene in many countries has become
extremely intolerant, both sides are more rigid and cemented in their views.

And nobody actually stands for what they claim. Religious extremist groups
are acting in violation of their own religious precepts, usually by taking one
small part, a few verses or even words, and building their twisted ideals on that.
Political parties present themselves as fighting for freedom, being open and
inclusive, using words like justice, equality, diversity, freedom, rights. And then
you look at how they function, and all their high promises only apply to those
who agree with them. (I probably feel more let down by the side that I agree
with the most, that I feel should have the high moral ground and the best
level of acceptance, because they've let me down more.)

Even vegans are the same - they campaign viciously at times, trying to force
some shops out of business, justifying it because they love animals. And if we
all did what they wanted, it would result in the extermination of most
domesticated animals. They love them so much they want to wipe them out.

There's no effort to reach out any more, the attitude is that 'We know better
than you, so just shut up and vote how we tell you, or else.' This is especially
obvious from certain urban/wealthy/literati/gliterati groups vs rural. There's
also divides by economics and age, though not so strong.

And the biggest and best weapon is The Label. Once you can slap a label on
someone you've won. Racist is the most popular right now, transphobic is
strong. Homophobic and sexist are the classics. Or whatever else will allow
you to enforce the Politics of Outrage - whoever throws the biggest tantrum

Frankly I don't see or even care much about the supposed differences between
political groups - there's really not much difference on the ground between
the way a 'fascist' or a 'leftie' or anything else function. It's all about having the
right and power to enforce your will on others because you are right, they are
wrong, and therefore you're justified in anything you do to them.

Ok, sorry, rant done. I'll be quiet now. (And whatever you do, don't start me on
the behaviour and standards of the media. Seriously.)

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