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Thank you for your post. 
There is a quote that I think comes from a SF author (my top guesses are Bujold, Heinlein, or Robinson), “I don’t want power over idiots. I object to idiots having power over me.”
Cordelia to Vordarian?
That sums up a lot of my feelings. 

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> On Oct 14, 2018, at 4:07 AM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I've become more concerned with how groups function than what they
> claim to support.
> All extremist groups - political, religious, economic or other - are determined
> to enforce their views on non-believers. Anyone who doesn't align with their
> particular views has no right to respect or consideration because they are so
> totally wrong.
> Enforcement varies from one society to another, it ranges from bullying to
> media campaigns to death threats to death. But it is always carried out with
> maximum venom, no empathy, and absolutely no attempt to understand or
> even communicate with the victim.
> In relatively few years the political scene in many countries has become
> extremely intolerant, both sides are more rigid and cemented in their views.
> And nobody actually stands for what they claim. Religious extremist groups
> are acting in violation of their own religious precepts, usually by taking one
> small part, a few verses or even words, and building their twisted ideals on that.
> Political parties present themselves as fighting for freedom, being open and
> inclusive, using words like justice, equality, diversity, freedom, rights. And then
> you look at how they function, and all their high promises only apply to those
> who agree with them. (I probably feel more let down by the side that I agree
> with the most, that I feel should have the high moral ground and the best
> level of acceptance, because they've let me down more.)
> Even vegans are the same - they campaign viciously at times, trying to force
> some shops out of business, justifying it because they love animals. And if we
> all did what they wanted, it would result in the extermination of most
> domesticated animals. They love them so much they want to wipe them out.
> There's no effort to reach out any more, the attitude is that 'We know better
> than you, so just shut up and vote how we tell you, or else.' This is especially
> obvious from certain urban/wealthy/literati/gliterati groups vs rural. There's
> also divides by economics and age, though not so strong.
> And the biggest and best weapon is The Label. Once you can slap a label on
> someone you've won. Racist is the most popular right now, transphobic is
> strong. Homophobic and sexist are the classics. Or whatever else will allow
> you to enforce the Politics of Outrage - whoever throws the biggest tantrum
> wins.
> Frankly I don't see or even care much about the supposed differences between
> political groups - there's really not much difference on the ground between
> the way a 'fascist' or a 'leftie' or anything else function. It's all about having the
> right and power to enforce your will on others because you are right, they are
> wrong, and therefore you're justified in anything you do to them.
> Ok, sorry, rant done. I'll be quiet now. (And whatever you do, don't start me on
> the behaviour and standards of the media. Seriously.)
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