[LMB] LMB's reading at Dreamhaven?

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Mon Oct 15 19:46:22 BST 2018

[LMB] LMB's reading at Dreamhaven?
Douglas Weinfield douglasw at his.com
Mon Oct 15 03:37:52 BST 2018

Does anyone know which 'verse it was set in? WGW? 5 Gods? Vorkoverse? 
Something (gasp!) new?

LMB:  It was from the start of a Lakewalker novella, which I have 
mentally dubbed, "the story nobody asked for."  No title, no end in 
sight at present.  It begins with Barr, on his way home from a tour of 
duty in Luthlia, checking in on some unfinished personal business, which 
does not go to plan.  Set about 12 years after the tetralogy.  More 
slice-of-(WGW)-life than action-adventure.

Ta, L.

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