[LMB] Wodehouse or Sayers on Barrayar?

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What about Lord Peter meets Mycroft?
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It's actually canonical that LPW does the odd spot of intelligence or
Foreign Service work, though it shows up more in the short stories than in
the novels.

I can see a Barrayaran version of the stories emphasizing the foiling of
Cetagandan plots, with them as the masterminds behind the mystery or the
murders or the adventure...

Tony Z

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>> And I wonder how they'd like Dorothy Sayers' fiction?  In some ways,
>> Lord
>> Peter Wimsey might be a familiar type: a war-traumatized veteran trying
>> to hide real intelligence behind a façade of being a Silly Ass About
>> Town.  I
>> could imagine Lord Peter and By Vorrutyer having some interesting
>> conversations…
> Fan fic idea — LPW is really an undercover agent; as per By.
> And we are on topic.
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