[LMB] Wodehouse or Sayers on Barrayar?

Margaret margaret at devere.net
Tue Oct 16 16:38:47 BST 2018

Yes, brilliant. It's Armistice, by Adina.


It's a short follow-on to Green Ice.   


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>From: Kevin Kennedy <kevink45 at hotmail.com>
>Fan fic idea ? LPW is really an undercover agent; as per By.
>And we are on topic.
>Gwynne: LPW has done some work for the government, that's canon.
>It'd be more interesting if Bertie Wooster was working undercover,
>and actually was a smart and devious agent (more like Sir Percy 
>I can see Wooster and By working together very well.
>There's a brilliant fanfic about Wooster, where the brainless town 
>identity is the result of WWI trauma, and he was a hero who's now shut
>down, except for a few flashes here and there. Can't find it now, 
>Someone else might remember it.
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