[LMB] Freezing Bugs (WAS OT: I need a hug)

baur baur baur at chello.at
Wed Oct 17 12:12:50 BST 2018

ok .. 

checked .. works for bedbugs 

my sources say 7 days at -17°C (sources also claim that - if you have been travelling in bedbug areas and have a large enough freezer - just put your entire suitcase into it for a week, or a few days longer if its a large suitcase)   

sources also say that dry heat of 50°C for one hours will also kill all bedbugs (note that all parts of the object have to reach that temperature for that time) - this means you can also put objects into the kitchen stove .. 



> "James M. BRYANT G4CLF" <james at jbryant.eu> hat am 17. Oktober 2018 um 09:42 geschrieben:
> Hugs for Kevin.
> It certainly works for woodworm - when I moved from a
> house with woodworm I rented quite a lot of space in a
> commercial cold store (surprisingly cheap at some times
> of the year - which, luckily, it was) and put ALL my
> furniture and books (in airtight bags) there for a
> fortnight. I have not seen any active woodworm since.
> (Did have to repair about half a dozen glued joints.)
> But some insects don't freeze dead - check bedbugs.
> James - too little entomological knowledge to know
> where to check reliably 
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