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> >> and it will be in that orbit for about two weeks ..
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> > <SNIP Long description of the physics>
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> > Methinks the laws of physics are different in Miles's Universe.
> the solettas of Komarr are not in a low orbit .. and they do not try to
> illuminate local points on the surface .. they try to increase sunlight
> over the entire sunside hemisphere
> this means they are pretty far out - GEO equivalent or one of L points,
> iirc (dont have the book with me right now, could anyone please check?)
> - so neither atmosphere nor fast slewing speeds are a problem anymore

Best I can give you is this from Komarr, chapter 12:

It took several minutes to establish the secure link with Lord Auditor
Vorthys aboard the probable-cause team's mothership, now docked at the
soletta array. Miles settled himself as comfortably as his aching muscles
would allow, and prepared to cultivate patience in the face of the
irritating several-second time lag between every exchange.

Karen Hunt

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