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Am 20.10.2018 um 19:14 schrieb Karen Hunt:
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>>>> and it will be in that orbit for about two weeks ..
>>> <SNIP Long description of the physics>
>>> Methinks the laws of physics are different in Miles's Universe.
>> the solettas of Komarr are not in a low orbit .. and they do not try to
>> illuminate local points on the surface .. they try to increase sunlight
>> over the entire sunside hemisphere
>> this means they are pretty far out - GEO equivalent or one of L points,
>> iirc (dont have the book with me right now, could anyone please check?)
>> - so neither atmosphere nor fast slewing speeds are a problem anymore
> Best I can give you is this from Komarr, chapter 12:
> It took several minutes to establish the secure link with Lord Auditor
> Vorthys aboard the probable-cause team's mothership, now docked at the
> soletta array. Miles settled himself as comfortably as his aching muscles
> would allow, and prepared to cultivate patience in the face of the
> irritating several-second time lag between every exchange.

that gives me something to work with .. (and it fits my mental pinstrue 
of the situation that i had when i was reading the book)

ok - putting on my space nerd helmet ... the one with the popeller on top

its 300.000 km (almost one erth moon orbit distancve) per second

several seconds implies a distance up to an order of a million km (three 
light seconds .. but the several seconds could be there and back again 
total signal lag, not one way signal lag - to earths moon signal lag is 
1-3 seconds one way, 2.6 seconds both ways)

this in turn implies that komarr has a sizeable moon (or co-planet or 
that komarr is a moon of a gas giant, but iirc there no mention of a 
huge gas giant dominating komarr's sky - so we stay with sizeable moon 
... occam's razor) and the solettas are around one of the L points


most likely the kommar-moon L3 or L4 points, L1 or L3 are a more distant 

(btw - ignore the


in the article - that would be a description of the sun-komarr libration 

it cannot be a libration point of the sun-kommarr system, as the 
distances involved in there would create signal lags of several minutes 
minimum due to the distances

is there canon mention of komarr's moon .. ?



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