[LMB] Chinese soletta?

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Sat Oct 20 19:21:49 BST 2018

On 10/20/18 12:12 PM, Baur wrote:
> not mention of presence is not proof of absence ..
> but the celestial mechanics would argue VERY strongly for the existence
> of a moon ..

But as someone else mentioned, the soletta is a gigantic solar sail. In
order to significantly increase the amount of sunlight reaching Komarr
the soletta has to be a large percentage of the size of Komarr itself.

I seem to recall many years ago some of us worked out the math that
would put the soletta into a close Komarr trailing orbit that balanced
the gravitational attraction of Komarr against the braking force of the
solar sail.

Also important to consider in orbits closer to stars is the effects of
solar wind made of high energy particles. That adds even more force to a
large sail structure.

So I am not sure that Komarr requires a moon.

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