[LMB] Chinese soletta?

Baur baur at chello.at
Sat Oct 20 19:35:35 BST 2018

Am 20.10.2018 um 20:21 schrieb Zan Lynx:
> On 10/20/18 12:12 PM, Baur wrote:
>> not mention of presence is not proof of absence ..
>> but the celestial mechanics would argue VERY strongly for the existence
>> of a moon ..
> But as someone else mentioned, the soletta is a gigantic solar sail. In
> order to significantly increase the amount of sunlight reaching Komarr
> the soletta has to be a large percentage of the size of Komarr itself.

yes ..

> I seem to recall many years ago some of us worked out the math that
> would put the soletta into a close Komarr trailing orbit that balanced
> the gravitational attraction of Komarr against the braking force of the
> solar sail.

would be interested in reading that .. do you happen to have a link?

but i do not think this could be too close ..

and it needs to fit to the signal turnaround time of several seconds, so 
it cannot be too close ..

> Also important to consider in orbits closer to stars is the effects of
> solar wind made of high energy particles. That adds even more force to a
> large sail structure.

yep . light pressure is dependent on the angle of the mirror, so the 
direction of its force can be adjusdted - the pressure from solar wind 
is independent from mirrir angle and always points directly outward 
(unless we start to add curlicues like a magnetic sail on the soletta)

> So I am not sure that Komarr requires a moon.

its the simplest solution imho .. occam's razor



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