[LMB] Soletta design, and moons more generally.

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 21 22:53:40 BST 2018

Baur <baur at chello.at> wrote:
> one needs also to consider the albedo - earth moon has a visual albedo
> of 0.12 - this means only 12% of the sunlight arriving on the moon gets
> reflected back (and gets reflected in all directions - not only towards
> earth) ..
> a mirror will have a visual albedo of close to 1 (reflecting close to
> 100% of the sunlight) - and it reflects the light in more or less into
> one direction
> a size of earth moon with an albeod of close to 1 and good control of
> the direction the light is reflected in would make earth's moon as
> bright as the sun and would refelct about as much light to the earths as
> the sun does (the moon and sun having the same appearant size)
> by how many percent do we need to increase the solar input on Komarr?

Mirror diameter = Komarr diameter * sqrt( (insolation increase fraction) /
( (albedo) * (mirror accuracy) ) )

Where albedo refers to the fraction of radiation that reaches the mirror
which then leaves it; not just visible light, as the terraforming
process needs heat as well as light.  I suppose there might be a
spectral factor as well.  Mirror accuracy refers to the fraction of
the radiation that leaves the mirror that goes in a direction that
will intercept Komarr.  The actual distance between the soletta and
Komarr is irrelevant as long as the mirror is either perfectly planar
or focused so as get the radiation to the planet, and there isn't much
to absorb the radiation in between them.


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