[LMB] Soletta design, and moons more generally.

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Mon Oct 22 19:11:52 BST 2018

Am 22.10.2018 um 17:50 schrieb Joel Polowin:
> Hi, Markus.
> Did you intend to reply only to me?  Your message didn't go to the
> list.

nope  .- this was intended to go to you AND the the list

>>> Mirror diameter = Komarr diameter * sqrt( (insolation increase fraction) /
>>> ( (albedo) * (mirror accuracy) ) )
>> diameter? not cross sectional area?
> Diameter, hence the "sqrt()".  If we're talking cross-sectional area,
> omit that function.

ahh ... ok

>> if necessary one might be able to play gamers with the selective
>> reflectance .. reflecting preferebly the wavelength you really need
>> while leaving others be ..
>> that way you could tailor the light to optimise it for terrestrial
>> plants and not for komarr plants
> I don't think that Komarr has any native life, including plants.

i understood some of the lichens / lichenoids to be native, but i might 
be mistaken (need tp reread the books some time soon)

if not, its not really necessary - but one might still play with 
selective reflectance in order to make the light into something our 
plants like more (if the sun is a significantly different spectral type)



> Joel

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