[LMB] Soletta design, and moons more generally.

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 22:46:39 BST 2018

A geostationary orbit wouldn't be desirable - it would only be 'behind' the
planet, from the sun's perspective, part of the time.  I suspect that no
natural orbit (around both the planet and the star) gives the idea
combination, of the array always being on a straight line that passes from
the local sun to Komarr.  (I further suspect that the ideal isn't even
physically possible - no orbit matching Komarr's, but with a constant,
greater distance than the planet, can have the same period.)  You *might*
be able to get an orbit in which the distance between the array and Komarr
isn't a constant, maybe.

Consider also that the pressure of light and solar wind would tend to push
the array outward (it's basically a solar sail, if you go the most
material-efficient route).  I suspect all the 'good' solutions involve
frequent adjustments, perhaps taking advantage of the solar sail effect for
some of them, to result in a powered orbit.

Matt G.

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