[LMB] Lois MiniCon report

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Tue Oct 23 13:59:07 BST 2018

Kudos to Luke for jumping in so promptly.

Okay, I'll tag in then.

We were at OVFF, the Ohio Valley Filk Festival.  It's kind of like WorldCon for filkers, only instead of Hugos, we give out the Pegasus Awards, for best composer, best performer, etc.  There are lots of useful workshops put on by groovy people I never have time to see, because they're scheduled against the concerts I'm taping from the front row.  [I don't play, sing, or write that many songs, but I can record the heck out of that low-hanging, concert fruit.  That way, we have an archive in the community.]

We also have a charity auction for Interfilk, which brings filkers from one place to another, to share their songs, and take some home.  My first OVFF, the Interfilk guest was a magistrate from Singapore they'd brought to Ohio.  Filkers from Atlanta [my home] have been guests at filkcons in the UK, Pittsburgh, etc.  The auctions at filkcons fund this activity.  The auctions themselves are excellent theater.  Luke jumped in & was bidding like a pro, strategically going in with his buddy Betsy for a higher bid.  

My friend Harold [soundguy Harold, as opposed to videographer Harold or operetta-singing Harold--we are blessed with many filker Harolds] was the listener guest of honor, but couldn't be there, as he's currently rocking stage 4 cancer at Sloan-Kettering.  He donated lots of cassettes to the auction.  Usually, with the cassettes he includes a digital copy.  As Harold's resident wo-minion, it kind of fell to me.  I had my hard drive on hand, Betsy had a computer, & that outcome's no 5-space math.  I had 3 of the 4 tapes they'd bought, & as long as we're there... While Betsy was copying the convention recordings [100 gb or so], we had a fun time hanging out.  Luke found out lots about list culture.

The whole convention was pretty much on-topic as the Toastmaster, Rob Wynne, used to be on the list and is the conchair for GaFilk [gafilk.org], where Lois was our first Super Secret guest, as the whole concom are rabid fans--see the ears?  [Holds up 2 fingers behind one's own head--only two, we're not mutants here.]  There was a Bujold-themed filk at that GaFilk, which I recorded.  I can send mp3s; email me off-list.

In addition to sending musicians to share music around the world, Interfilk [a 501-3-c] is broadening their charter to do grants.  They gave the first one this year to GriffinEd, founded by Tim Griffin.  It's an educational foundation that puts all their music online for free at griffined.org .  There're songs to go with school curricula for most subjects and grades.  All the music's online for free, although the cds fund activities.  [Tim Griffin's Larry Niven's nephew, so appearances at cons frequently include bonus Larry.]  They're always looking for other folks to write songs, so y'all can check that out.

Would a song about a eukaryotic cell be on-topic?  It's here: http://www.griffined.org/song/a-eukaryotic-cell  If it's a prokaryotic cell that's mentioned in Lois' books, we can always change the song to fit.  ;)

Hey, post-con squee includes lots of euphoria; the coherence accessory is sold separately.  :)

Thanks for hanging out, Luke!  See you next year?


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