[LMB] Miracle cures for today's October 23rd birthday!

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I wanna get stung!!!!!!!!


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>Today, we’re taking a nice, commercial flight into Gridgrad, the future 
>(if Cordelia has her way) capital of Sergyar. First class all the way!
>Champagne for those that want it, sparkling grape juice for others and 
>the very best water to be had on Sergyar for those who have
>purer tastes. Today’s schedule: some competitive shopping, and a 
>hologram concert in the evening. It’s a nice change from the camp
>and wildlife of the past few weeks!
>We disembark onto the Gridgrad runway, and get ready to take the bus 
>into the transportation terminal, when your Tixie gets stung. I
>repeat, your Tixie has been stung! Tixie down! The Tixie tries not to 
>have a fit, but the fact of the matter is that she is slightly phobic
>about stinging things, and even if it’s a small, stinging vampire 
>balloon that somehow bred in the water puddles near Gridgrad’s
>Transportation Center, it’s still a sting!
>She’s been stung in the ankle, which quickly swells to twice its size. 
>However, it just as quickly deflates, and with a quick massage by
>our biologist escort, the ankle is as good as new. Actually . . . 
>better. “Yes, that’s right. We’ve found this creature to help a great 
>with arthritis and gout when applied in weekly therapy sessions.” Well, 
>soon, everyone in the group with wonky joints is tramping,
>scuffling or rolling into the tall grass in front of the transportation 
>center, hoping to get stung. Many of us succeed!
>And, since it’s Pam Pate’s birthday today, she gets to name the tricky 
>little healing creature! Feeling much refreshed and very limber,
>we all pile into the ground-taxi that will take us off for a day of 
>smalltown pleasures in Gridgrad. Happy birthday, Pam! May it be a good
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