[LMB] OT: The lions & crocodiles didn't get us

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Thu Oct 25 10:26:59 BST 2018

Markus asked how long the whole trip took:-

One day to fly SOU-AMS-NBO, one day recovery in Nairobi
(day flight - recovery only necessary because safaris
start at 05:00 and you should be well-rested at the start
because you'll be sleep deprived by the end).

Flight to the Masai Mara WIL-MUS and evening (that's
afternoon to sunset - 3.5 hours) game drive. Five nights
with morning (well before sunrise to noon - 6.5 hours)
and evening game drives, except on the last day when we
flew out to Mombasa MUS-MBA after lunch to collapse on a
beach for four days before flying home MBA-NBO-AMS-SOU.
Arriving on the inbound leg of the flight we took out,
so don't count the morning of the last day = 12 days.
10 game drives (50 hours) spread over 6 days (5 nights).

Wozzat enough detail?

James the uneaten

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