[LMB] Uterine replicators in _Shards of Honor_

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An important question is "Who remembers those Uterine Replicators?". Apart from the immediate Vorkosigan family (I include the Koudelkas and Elena Bothari-Jesek), and a few dozen medical staffers at ImpMed, thirty years later it's doubtful that anyone will remember how the first Replicators came to Barrayar.

The ImpMil personnell staffers who had to process the original paperwork have a great barroom story to tell, about how they created /adapted the official paperwork, now pretty standard with all the Replicator births that happen (a small percentage of the population, I suspect), but the majority of the population can only DREAM of doing it the new ad fancy way.... 

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> > hmmm .. would it have been smart of the government of Escobar to keep gene samples from each embryo or would it have been smarter not to be able to want to know .. ?
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> > in the first case they could use the knowledge as a minor trump card in a later conflict, so i would think the answer is yes ..
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> They expected the Barryarans to terminate them. And but for Aral and Cordelia that would have happened.

yes - that was the majority expectation .. 

no one in intelligence would keep that data "just in case"? ... being able to whisper into one of the participants of barrayars semi-annual civil wars "have you looked at the genetic charts for baby 12345? its interesting who his dad was..." might be very useful .. 



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