[LMB] Uterine replicators in _Shards of Honor_

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The idea was also brought up in Ira Levin's silly novel *The Boys from
Brazil*, where mad Nazis try to clone Hitler.

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> I note that C.J. Cherryh wrote a novel - I think it's called Cyteen - in
> which some very powerful people tride to clone an influential woman of a
> wartime crisis that had passed. They even tried to duplicate elements of
> the original's upbringing. But the clone was raised in peacetime, and some
> of her mentors could not go through with the traumatic experiences that has
> shaped the original.
> And of course, there is always the example of Miles Vorkosigan's younger
> brother!
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> From: Eric Oppen:What if they cloned Yuri and he was totally unlike what
> they expected?<weak whiny voice>  "But I don't want to rule Barrayar!  I
> want to---I wantto SING!"Beatrice Otter wrote:When we talk about cloning,
> most people forget that nurture--how you're raised and what you
> experience--has as much to do with personality as genetics does, and
> epigenetics can be even more influential than either. Grow a kid in
> terrible circumstances and what genetics tells you is what crappy method
> they handle their trauma with. Grow a kid in perfect circumstances both in
> the fetal stage and afterwards, and even the strongest genetic tendencies
> will manifest muted, if at all. There are exceptions--such as schizophrenia
> and autism--which seem to be mostly genetic.  Bottom line, any clone or
> child of either Serg or Yuri would be much different than their progenitor.
> Thomas Izbicki wrote:> Was Ezer the only one who knew his son was a
> menace?Beatrice Otter wrote:If nothing else, his survi!
>  ving victims did. Question is, did anyone care about their experiences?
> Even in democracies which claim that all citizens are equal, in practice we
> prioritize and excuse powerful perpetrators and throw their victims under
> the bus. The stronger the hierarchy and official reverence for the
> leadership, the less important their crimes are and the easier they are to
> cover up.
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