[LMB] Belated October 29 birthday wishes

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 30 05:54:49 GMT 2018

Oh, my goodness, Richard Macdonald! I misread your birthday as October 30, not October 29. I hope you will accept my apologies and 
best belated wishes for a very happy birthday. (Unless it’s just before midnight wherever you are?)


Today, we bustle about, getting ready to depart the planet on October 31. No classes, no field trips, but a very nice trip to a shopping 
mall, to pick up our last-minute souvenirs. There’s a curious little pop-up shop between KoKo Kosti Kookies and the Sergyaran hexa-
hyde store. Apparently, there’s a relative to the dreaded worm that plagued early settlers and left them scarred, but THIS one only leaves 
temporary scarification. The artiste (they style themselves as “artistes” and wear their hair in towering hairstyles that require an awful lot 
of goo to keep up) is very skilled in coaxing the worm into certain channels, so you get something that’s slightly organic, but slightly 
structured on the surface of your skin. They say the swelling goes down in six to eight weeks, and it’s like you’ve never been infested 
with Sergyaran worms. 


This worm doesn’t have a name yet, but as the last birthday celebrant in October, it’s your prerogative, Richard, to give it the name you 
like, and you can even have 10 percent off the procedure because it’s your birthday. Or you might want to skip the treatment, and just 
have the shoulder massage. 


Hoping it was a lovely day for you! 

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