[LMB] Uterine replicators in _Shards of Honor_

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Wed Oct 31 01:45:53 GMT 2018

On Oct 30, 2018, at 7:04 PM, Karen Hunt wrote:
> He seriously liked sitting alone in a quiet room figuring out what happened
> to Miles's cryochamber while still with the Dendarii, and he had a high
> opinion of the people who did analyst work in ImpSec.
> Here's another from chapter 33, Mark thinking about analysts:
> It was another kind of hunger, this insatiable gluttony for knowledge. An
> ImpSec analyst must surely possess the hugest possible data-base. The
> fellows he'd met at the coffee dispenser in ImpSec HQ had conducted
> flashing conversations with each other over the most appalling range and
> depth of subjects. He was going to have to hustle, if he wanted to compete
> in that crowd. To win.
> I'm not saying he won't stay a businessman until he drops, only that
> lifespans for people other than Miles in this universe are long enough that
> it's not crazy to take up a second very different career after a successful
> first one.

The type of business that Mark did involved analyzing a range and depth of information to identify and succeed in opportunities other didn't see.

Money was a score/game at which he could win. It was a means to shut down the brain transplant business. He could give gifts and support to people and causes he favored. It greatly limited the number of people who could have power over him.

Being a businessman checked off a lot of his boxes.

Janet in TN

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