[LMB] H. P. Lovecraft Crossovers?

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Considering how neurotic and easily freaked out by everything Lovecraft's narrators were, not to mention very paradigms of the incompetent archaeologist, I do not think they'd last very long on tough-minded Barrayar. But what marvelous "Eeek! Oh, the horror!" tales they could write at *second hand* about Vorkosigan Vashnoi's ruins.

And then, after Miles stops laughing..... "Howard, let me introduce you to Ma Mattulich."
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Has anyone written crossovers of Vorkosiverse and Lovecraft?  Vorkosigan
Vashnoi seems like HPL's sort of place.
I couldn't find any on https://www.fanfiction.net/
Trying to search https://archiveofourown.org/ but I'm not sufficiently
familiar with their system.  adTHANKSvance!
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