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Am 12.01.2019 um 17:33 schrieb David McMillan:
> On 1/12/2019 9:59 AM, Baur wrote:
>> more likely a genetic construct deliberately planted there by the Ghem
>> think if what the creator of the kitten tree could do with the 
>> descriptions of HPL as inspiration
>      Shoggoths as bio-engineered WMD?  I can see it.
>      The novel "Into the Looking Glass" had a section of Midwest USA 
> "invaded" by *something* that caused raving madness in any human that 
> came within a several-mile radius (but did nothing else).  One of the 
> investigating scientists nicknamed it Cthulhu, and said (paraphrased): 
> "Trying to grok quantum physics can cause SAN loss.   Now imagine a mind 
> that understands QP *intuitively*, and make it a strong broadcasting 
> telepath...."
>      So, the Cetas' latest foray into Made Genetic Science whips up a 
> creature whose brain works in 5-D (some Jump pilot genes cranked to 11), 
> and has an amped-up version of the Terran-Cee telepath factor. 
> Uncontrollable, unaimable, but also unapproachable.  Maybe it can pull 
> 5-D shenanigans to avoid long-range attacks, and "pop up" out of nowhere 
> without crossing the intervening distance (shades of the Hounds of 
> Tindalos).
>      Of course, to be *truly* Lovecraftian, it would need to be 
> something *contagious,* and made from human "raw material".  So, some 
> kind of Hollyweird-grade retroviral weapon, released into a planetary 
> population, and Shoggoth-izes every 1/100^E6 person who just happens to 
> have the right genetic potentials for telepathy and Jump Pilotage.

oh yes .. that would be properly Lovecraftian, but rather dangerous for 
the entire nexus, as this could start killing off jump pilots all over 
the Nexus (or do the Cetas have a vaccination / cure for this little 

>      Bonus points if the Cetas whipped it up using some strange 
> non-human biological samples they found on some world that showed signs 
> of having undergone some sort of environmental catastrophe in the deep, 
> deep past, and discover (too late!) that they really *didn't* know what 
> they were tampering with....

they found some dessicated eggs in a derelict spaceship on a little planet?



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