[LMB] Random thoughts on the First Wife

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 14 04:42:27 GMT 2019

I've just read a fanfic about Aral's first wife running away to avoid being
killed, and it suddenly occurred to me... maybe she did.

Lois did drop a few hints - comments about how unusual it was to use a
plasma arc to commit suicide, how odd that a pretty young woman would
burn off her own face to die.

Even if Piotr did kill her, which is quite likely, the plasma arc isn't really an
indoor weapon, except in extreme circumstances. Surely a neural disruptor
would be a better choice? Or just a sword, which is more Barrayaran and

Besides, why should Piotr lie about it, or not say that he'd done it? As head
of the family he had a right to off any relatives he chose, or anyone belonging
to his District.

But a plasma arc accomplishes one thing, (apart from the death, of course);
it conceals identity. The body of a young woman, wearing Aral's wife's
clothes, was found... where? Was it in Vorkosigan House? In the young
couple's home, anyway - the body was found, no face, and instantly identified
as her. Dead and buried.

So.... did Piotr actually spirit her away? Or did Ges (not so likely). Not Aral,
he'd have told Cordelia at some stage (After all, saving the life of his previous
wife is a bit better than her being killed/suicided due to marriage to Aral. Not
really the most enticing information for the next wife.)

Did Ezar have it done? That's probably more likely. Or did one of her lovers
(the one she didn't tell anyone about because she really cared for him) do
it, so that the two of them could escape. A prole perhaps? The First Love
that her family stamped on before they sold her off to the Vorkosigans?

I rather like the idea of the prole, her first forbidden love (lord knows she'd
done it with anything Vor, including close relatives, but Prole would be the
one thing that really WOULD be forbidden to her.)  So whatshername and
the prole faked her death and took off.

Now the only question is.... who did they really kill?

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