[LMB] Random thoughts on the First Wife

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 14 23:41:15 GMT 2019

From: Corrina Lawson <corrinaannelawson at gmail.com>

What an intriguing question! :)
Hmm....she was a Vorrutyer, which possibly means a love of risk-taking.
Given she had at least two lovers, plus the theorized third, let's say this
is the case, as that's four intimate partners (counting Aral) to juggle.
I'm going with an off-worlder as a lover for our unnamed First Wife,
possibly one who could sneak her off-planet. My guess would be an Escobaran
or someone from Jackson's Hole. If she had access to galactic technology,
that means her lover might have been able to grow a simple clone (no
brainstem) and used that as the "murder" victim. A little body modification
later, and off goes Unnamed First Wife to live her own life, off-planet, in
whatever way she choose.

Gwynne: Ohhhh I like that. And that would give her the contacts to get

Wild thought.... Cavilo's mother? .... nah. But it would be interesting.

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