[LMB] H. P. Lovecraft Crossovers?

Damien Sullivan phoenix at mindstalk.net
Tue Jan 15 15:55:22 GMT 2019

On Sat, Jan 12, 2019 at 09:47:06AM -0500, Carol Botteron wrote:
> Some of Lovecraft's narrators get into their situations by researching
> family history, which I do too.  The Vor must keep track of their ancestors
> and relatives, in case they need to find an heir or avoid marrying a
> cousin.  Some of their ancestors probably qualify as eldritch horrors.

That's pretty much what happened to Gregor off-screen in The Vor Game.
With more justification than "the horror!  I'm Dutch!"

Also Rene Vorbretten, though he didn't go mad or suicidal from the
revelation.  (From losing most of his social contacts, he might have.)

-xx- Damien X-) 

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