[LMB] The Sharing Knife.... fast reread

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Mon Jan 21 02:27:46 GMT 2019

One of the years when I was unusually distracted, someone posted  a long analysis making the 
case that the _TSK_ saga was a deliberate allegory (or anti-allegory) for _The Lord of the Rings_.

Can't find it right away in the archives.  

Memorable though.  Instead of the sword that was broken being re-forged (to be useful)
the knife that MUST be broken.  LakeWalkers would refuse to be Lords rather the Rangers.
who used to be.  Servants crafted "up" from animals rather than "down" from men and
elves.Healing magic ...   Lots of details stuck in my head. 

Not the name of the  listie / author though.  John Burbidge?  John Lennard?  Might have
been Brad DeLong, who I _certainly_ remember for making a case that Heinlein's
_Starship Troopers_ was an ANTI-military work.  It would be like him...  

Anyhow, I'd like to consider it again.  Then ask if it was ever confirmed a "deliberate"
intended work or perhaps unconscious or maybe a reader's projection onto the work.

And anyhow,  now,  assuming it WAS the anti-allegory claimed, what knowing that about
the original work might allow us to guess about the upcoming new additions to the

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