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Mon Jan 21 21:13:35 GMT 2019

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Just some personal notes. 

I’m three years or more younger than my closest friends but, considering my medical problems in 2017, I am surprised that I’m the one in the best shape. When I was disabled, I worried most about being useless. 

That got me thinking about Lakewalkers and the perhaps not so subtle pressures to share early. From what I’ve heard of Native American cultures, the old and ill would separate themselves from the group to die. (I wonder if it was always voluntary.) Disabled Barrayans often committed suicide. 

I no longer (if I ever did) that I will live forever unless I do something about it. 

Beatrice Otter:
Native American cultures have *incredible* variation, especially if you include Inuit and First Nations tribes in that.  Just about any cultural practice you can think of, there were tribes that did it regularly and other tribes that thought it was horrifically wrong.

Beatrice Otter

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