[LMB] Choose one.

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 22 16:14:59 GMT 2019


I'm gonna choose the one with indoor plumbing and proper sewage
treatment.  Even if I can't afford to travel from planet to planet
and get expensive medical treatments, I'd still like to have those
basic things I take for granted in my society.

Heavily romanticized medieval high fantasy settings make for some
good stories, but I wouldn't want to live there permanently.

Temporarily, for a few months, might be a different thing.

Nathan Eady
jonadab at columbus.rr.com

I'm with you. I'll take the higher tech option.  Unless I can take a TARDIS with me, or something similar. That way I have plumbing, a kitchen, first aid supplies, and extra supplies in general.  In medieval settings, I think the pack ponies are the equivalent of Star Trek redshirts.  They fall off cliffs, get eaten by dragons, get spooked by whatever and vanish into the wild.  In LOTR, I'm still amazed that Bill the pony made it back to civilization safely.

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