[LMB] SK - Beguilement - The Big Day

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 23 13:06:31 GMT 2019

After all the fun and frolic in Glassforge Dag and Fawn head for home -
both homes. Fawn is terrified of being left back at her home, she's had
a taste of freedom, and the wider world, and doesn't want to compress
herself again.

Fawn's family... I grit my teeth a LOT while reading those sections. Thank
goodness that at least she had Aunt Nettie, without her Fawn's childhood
would have been even more horrific.

Aunt Nattie is one of my favourite people.

Poor Dag, with two arms out of action - he's not at his best. And I love the
way he keeps working within Lakewalker social rules. Funny thing is, Aunt
Nattie takes over and sorts them all out just like any Lakewalker matriarch.
There's some interesting dynamics going on there.

This part of the book is incredibly funny - which is needed when the
family attitudes to Fern keep making me so angry. But the hornet scene,
when Sunny and his mates get close to nature - that is so utterly perfect.
Do hornet stings have any permanent effects on ... er... dangly bits? We
can hope.  And then Dag and Sorrell dealing with the twins is just perfect.
That terrible horse has its uses.

Dag dropping the bombshell about his age - oh wow Lois does like to
push the boundaries. And she makes it work!

So much happens that we hardly realise the importance of Dag fixing the
bowl, and his phantom hand.  And the making of the cords.  So many events
that turn out, later, to be hugely important just slide past so fast, as the
story rattles along. We're tossed from anger at the brothers to laughing at
all the marvelous moments of revenge or embarrassment.

The wedding - a nice echo of the bowdown, a bit of a farmer version. I'm
glad that Fawn had her special moment. And poor Dag so wanted to wear all
his weapons to show respect for the ceremony. Although it would probably
have terrified all the guests instead.

So we've seen how Farmer life works, the way they share out the inheritance,
the rights and responsibilities of each member of the family. And it all does
work for most people, and it's not a bad lifestyle. We also see that they can,
with a bit of a push, widen their ideas a bit.

And Aunt Nattie has some groundsense - is it because she's blind and that's
concentrated her focus? Does everyone have that potential? Or are there
a few Lakewaker genes in the family?

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