[LMB] Cumbia, (children have mothers, after all)

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 23:54:09 GMT 2019

From: <pouncer at aol.com>

Okay, Cumbia has her problems, but honestly?? She doesn't
win the contest for worst mom in canon does she?....

Gwynne: I'd say she comes pretty close. Everyone knows that
whatever goes wrong will be blamed on Dag somehow, it's not
even a joke among them, it's just accepted.

Limiting his food when he was a growing teen - that's downright
abuse. He was begging food from neighbours, gearing up to
steal food from the animals; and she had to know. Lakewalkers
key in to each other's feelings so much more, so she knew
exactly how she was making him suffer.

Dag grew up being blamed for his gender and his time of birth.
Again, it was so constant that it's just accepted.

Pressuring him to marry and breed, abusing him as he grew up,
blaming him for everything, criticising all his choices despite the
fact that he's outstanding at what he does... it goes on and on.
And the thing that, to me, makes it so much worse than those
other mothers is that Lakewalkers KNOW. They can tell how
people feel, how they're being hurt and stressed. She knew the
pain she was inflicting on him, she knew when he was sick and
sad and suffering - and she couldn't care less. And all that
pressure was to make him conform and comply just for her sake.
To impress the neighbours. There's nothing wrong with his choice
of career, he's famous and successful. Any other parent would be
delighted. But it's not what SHE wants, so she's constantly
attacking him.

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