[LMB] Sharing Knife - Legacy: Dar

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 26 00:30:40 GMT 2019

(Sorry for the speed of this, but I want to get through as much as I
can before the novella hits, after which I'll be... busy.)

So, we meet Dar.

Physically he looks fairly different from Dag: build and eyes aren't
at all alike. (Makes me wonder even more if Dag looks a lot like his
father, the husband Cumbia grew to resent and hate because she
couldn't control him.)

There's no greeting for Dag, no warmth at all. Almost the first thing
he says is a nasty Lakewalker insult to Fawn, although he ignores her
as long as he can otherwise.

He tries to minimise and ignore her dealings with the Malice - not
just dislike of Farmers, but a touch of jealousy perhaps?

He also has no word of sympathy for the lost baby, and he talks about
stripping the spirit from the knife with no empathy at all. His
only touch of softer emotion is to acknowledge that Dag may have
lost Kauneo's knife, if it can't be cleaned out and reused.

Some siblings would bond together when they have an abusive
parent. Some favoured older sibs would protect the younger who is
the target for the abuse. There's no sense or hint that Dar ever
lifted a finger to help Dag. He didn't help Omba either, he just sat
back and let his wife be pushed aside. Dar is a brilliant knife-maker,
but it seems that's all he is; there's no emotional engagement with
his family, his reaction to Cumbia's behaviour is to check out and
let her get away with it. And even support her.

Dar isn't one of my favourite characters. And he's not an abuse
survivor like Dag, he just stood back and let it happen. And didn't
really care. He's disengaged, very narrow-minded, a touch of
Cumbia's arrogance, and an enjoyment in being deliberately nasty.

I suppose Cumbia and Dar are the counterweights to Mari and
Fairbolt; we see that all that groundsense and deep communication
doesn't change human nature - people still range from admirable
to nasty.

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