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Karen A. Wyle kawyle at att.net
Sat Jan 26 14:33:35 GMT 2019

 When/how did Dar bond completely with Fawn?
    On Saturday, January 26, 2019, 9:04:17 AM EST, Jason Long <sturmvogel66 at gmail.com> wrote:  
 I can understand why y'all are saying what you're saying, but I disagree. A
sociopath never would have been able to bond so completely with Fawn. I
think that he was severely traumatized, if not emotionally crippled, by his
upbringing and couldn't bond with Omba. I can't remember what the textual
evidence is about that marriage, but I'd be very much willing to bet that
Dar married strictly for duty and to get his mother off his back,
transferring some of his resentment to Omba as the vehicle of his hateful
duty. I have a male friend whose mother was the primary caregiver, with an
oft-absent husband, and she hated men in general. She strongly preferred
her daughters and took out her resentments on my friend, going so as to
charge him, and him alone, rent once he turned 18, despite still being in
high school. My friend has never had any romantic interest in women and
isn't anywhere on the gay spectrum. But he was able to reject his mother
once he became self-supporting in ways that I don't think Dar could because
of Lakewalker culture.


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