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I suspect the Counts in Council will insist that THEY and they alone will choose a new Count/Heir if needed; as a limit on the Emperor's powers. 
The Emperor can suggest, provide a list, but the final choice will be the Council of Counts.
I also suspect that every House has an accompanying 'Cadet' family line associated, maybe made of second cousins who are to far from the current Counts line to be Vor, but are related. Think any kids that Byerly Vorrutyer might have; one generation to far from a Count to use 'Vor', but still associated with the family.
If a family has to be reconstituted, I suspect the CoC would choose from one of those lines of decent.
Those associated lines would be ideal to form the local District Government, maintaining the Families relationship with the population, but not limiting the main lines' perogatives.
Tsipis may be Aral's third cousin once removed!
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> Gwynne: Maybe Gregor should push a bill through the CoC requiring all
> Counts to nominate an heir, to stop situations like the fight after Pierre
> died. Gregor's all for keeping his society as conflict-free as possible. (And
> he couldn't do such a law until after he'd produced his own batch of little
> Gregors.)

Ah, if no heir appointed by the Count then the Emperor can choose? Tradition
limited to close family>

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