[LMB] Ruthlessly Luthlian tactic now gs range issue

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sun Jan 27 23:58:10 GMT 2019

Not a spoilery response, so I stripped out everything interestingly 
Pouncery to which I refer you all sideways, but replies might go that 
way, which I will leave up to the interested parties.

Another general factor to point out in the economics of Lakewalker 
patrolling is that a patroller with a long groundsense can replace two 
or even three with shorter ranges: thus requiring, from his tent and 
camp, one-half or some fraction of the resources to put him/her in the 
field for the same coverage result.  (One can cut that calculation 
various ways.)  So, lots of motivation to breed for or otherwise develop 
such long ranges among folks.

(No claims about how strong shielding, equally important, or maker 
abilities might either augment or compete with such development, whether 
tied-to or independent variables or some mix, genetically speaking.)

There's a whole 'nother meta discussion to be had about authorial 
selection of how magic power will work, and be distributed, in any given 
creation.   Innate or acquired?  Genetic/by bloodline or not?  Chosen 
Few (or One) or something more democratic?  WGW is by bloodline, 5GU is 
acquired, ferex, with social knock-on effects either way.

Ta, L.

And, list etiquette note, epub does change the parameters of spoiler 
issues.  Although I point out that iBooks still don't seem to have their 
edition up yet, although it was turned in at the same time as Nook's.   
No idea what's holding up that parade although if it doesn't appear by 
tomorrow I will go prod.

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