[LMB] Sharing Knife: Dar again

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 29 07:08:49 GMT 2019

Just looking at Dar again, after that very nasty scene where he tells Dag
that he's going to the Camp Council.

Dar doesn't like fuss, and he doesn't like Cumbia nagging at him. So he
wants it all settled.

But his incredible nastiness to Fawn from the beginning makes me wonder
if there's more to it....

Dar is the best knife maker in the Camp. Famous for it. And Dag is just an
ordinary patroller.

Dar is the best knife maker in a camp of a few thousand people. Dag ...
people write songs about him. Not just his camp, or his hinterland, but
Lakewalkers everywhere. Dag's been to the ocean, he's walked around the
lake twice, he's been all over. And he's taken out more malices than
anyone else. Dag is a star, in their world. And Dar is a knifemaker, a good
knifemaker, but ... just known in that one small camp.

Jealous much?

Dar moves from one camp to the other, that's it. He hasn't been anywhere
else, hasn't interacted with farmers or even with many Lakewalkers from
other camps. Outside is, to him, fairly unknown and scary. As Dag comments,
to Dar the idea of exile is terrifying, it's all unknown.

And now he has a big chance to bring Dag to heel, to finally force his
compliance. At last Dag will have to stop being independent, and have to
toe the line. Dar will win. He'll be a hero to his mother, for bringing peace
to the tent. And Dag will finally knuckle under and stop making trouble,
he'll comply, he'll obey, he'll do what Dar and Cumbia demand of him.

Yeah. I can't see that happening either. But Dar wants to finally win. He
likes order, and calm. And people doing what they're told. By him.

I think Cumbia is doing a lot of whining and moaning. Left to herself, that's
about all she'd do, with a bit of bitchiness and face-to-face arguments now
and then. But Dar is the one who pushes to take things to that final step. And I
think there's more to it than just making Mummy happy. I think there's a lot
of jealousy and resentment there, finally having a chance to take over.

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